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15 February 2011 @ 01:31 am

I have made a new blog place...on Blogger.
Its neat, pretty much the same though.
I got it because a friend asked me to. So im only following 3 people. So if you read my lj, which im sure no one does, i will be posting more regularly on Bloggr. I wont give up on lj, i just needed a clean start with blogging. Still in the process of figuring out a good background and header. i need to be more creatively talented. anyway here's a link.
Have fun and see ya~
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10 November 2010 @ 05:14 pm
So i have recently become a fan of Jay Park through Youtube ISA WongFuPro and such. I subscribed to Jay Park. I thought that he was a cute Korean guy that did great covers and was trying to become famous. (keyword thought)
On the other hand I have for a long time been broadening my horizons for Kpop, so i've become a fan of 2pm for a while.
Little did i know... JAY PARK WAS PART OF 2PM!!!!!!! What kind of fan am i?
I never really looked into 2pm to know the members or go behind scenes, neither did i check up on Jay Park's background. i feel dumb. But anyway, i find that awesome. He came from a suuuuper popular group in Korea, to come here to America to make it on his own. I loved him without even knowing he was from 2pm. He speaks english VERY well and has become good friends with my Youtube subscriptions like Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, and WongFu.
Now this has reminded me of something extremely similar.
That's right, Akanishi Jin. The sexy Jpop singer whom i've loved for years. Who also LEFT my FAVORITE band EVER to become solo. It freakin broke my heart. But he had the same sentiments as Jay Park. Both of their announcements/post/blogs were very similar about their decision to leave the group and go solo,  and they still loved the other members. But somehow, i am more of a supporter of Jay because well... JIN BROKE MY HEART. KATTUN wont be the same without him at all! They were an excellent group and showcased his vocals a lot. The music wont sound the same. Don't get me wrong, i looooove the other members of Kattun intensly, but i just cant face reality.
The whole KATTUN thing is why all my attention has been on Kpop recently. I don't know when i can listen to a KATTUN song again.  I'll still be listening to 2pm because i didnt get that into them until recently and Jay had already been gone. Sorta like ANcafe with Bo. =[
And then theres DBSK. DDDDx
Or rather JYJ. =[[[[[[
I want them back together. THEY WERE SO FREAKIN CUTE TOGETHER. I remember watching the dvd of the time they went to Paris. Or just any behind the scenes and talk shows/game shows/talent shows. They were adorkable!! I don't understand the world. Why do they have to make all these good things end?????? ITs NOT FAIR! Also remember the mini dramas. ARGHHHHHH! Its tearing me apart!
And come on! CASSIOPIA!!!! THE BIGGEST FAN BASE IN THE WORLD!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! You are gonna make allll those people hurt on the inside? DBSK should join YG. I like YG. But i assume that YG wouldnt take them because of all the crap going on.
~Honey Toast
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21 September 2010 @ 03:19 pm

This is hard to go about talking about. There's just soooooo much that happened that i still can't find the words and thoughts to explain them. It was only just the BEST life experience i've ever had. I met so many great people and made friendships i'll never forget. (i have facebook to thank for being able to keep in touch) For the technical side of the program i guess i can post my essay that i wrote and turned in, just so that you can get the basic idea, because i can't think of much to say now. Afterwards, i will go into some specific details.


PLP essayCollapse )


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15 September 2010 @ 10:58 pm
First off, I am soooooo sorry LJ.Dx I has not posted for anyyyyy of the summer and now...i am already into my 4th week of college.
I know I know!!! GOMEN!  I'll make it up to you, i promise!!!
I have decided to do alllll this information in parts. Which technically are only two main points? PLP program (which is A LOT to cover) and the start of college and what's happened so far. I still have to get all my thoughts gathered that were scattered everywhere. So please withstand the wait of me actually posting something about these experiences. So look forward to it. Until then...
By for now. 
 Honey Toast~

btw...who am i talking to? ><

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10 June 2010 @ 04:23 pm

Well i could start off by saying... I'VE GRADUATED!!!! xD WOOO~!
Now the real fun begins.
Im off into the great unknown called...life. It will start off with college. My choice is Texas State San-Marcos. I have to say I am quite excited. Im ready to meet new people, develop new relationships...emphasis on the RELATIONSHIPS...meet asians teehee, go wild and crazy...jk, experience new things, grow into an adult, and find a great life plan. Well and of course further my education and obtain a suitable career, but who cares about that? JK i care a lot. Really. I want to study abroad. And i love my family and friends and hometown and everything, but i want out. I feel that the rest of the world is calling to me. (rest of the world meaning Asia ><) I just pray that i can make the right decisions.

Now on to a lil more exciting things.
It was fun...like any con i've been to. Although...i wasn't too excited about the guests. Except for a few which i will talk about in a sec. I really didn't know any of the voice actors, although i could've gone and met them and then knew them. But im biased...towards Vic, Travis, Jamie, Chris, and a few others. If you know voice actors, you'll have an idea of who those were. But none of them were there so it wasn't as fun...idk.

On to guests.
Well when i saw that one of the guests there was going to be the fashion of h.naoto, i got excited. I was like YES i know that brand!!! Its actually quite a funny coincidence. I found out about h.naoto through a magazine called PopJNeo, which was in the pre-registration bag given out at Akon18! Crazy huh? So i decided that i should check them out in person. With going to the panel in mind, i decided to check out the booth a bit. I couldn't really look much...1 my friends weren't interested and i didn't want to be by myself. 2. everything was suuuuper expensive for my budget. and 3. none of the clothes wouldn't have fit me...i didn't even touch the clothes. If i were to get something it was going to be an accessory or plushie. But still...too expensive. So everytime i went passed the booth and looked there was this hot Japanese guy with blue and purple hair that kept cathing my eye. I was like hmmm he must work for the company...oh wait nvm. He's part of the band that's supposed to be here, Sixh, i bet. Turns out he was and not only that, but he was a designer from the band's brand too. So at the panel i had somehow manage to sit on the front row even though the room was already packed a bit. When my part of the line was walking in a worker was like "hey the front row on the other side isn't reserved is it?" some other worker "no its not. they can sit there too" Us that had just walked in: -zoomed to front row- XDDDD Imma ninja. Anyway the panel was somewhat boring but interesting at the same time. Its hard to explain. They kept showing slideshows of the fashion lines with super creepy and weird songs playing which was the boring part. But when the translator lady introduced IBI the hot fashion designer of Sixh...it become more interesting. Lol...it was kind odd being on the first row...cause they said we could take pictures. But you know what?...i didn't have a camera so i had to use my SUPER JINGLY CELL PHONE!!! and me being on the first row it was noticable and IBI glanced over at me a few times. I was super embarrassed. >< It also didn't help that there was a couple with a baby beside me so when the baby started being fussy and throwing his pacifier IBI looked that way again. LOL. fun times.
Here's a video of the panel and hopefully the related videos is the others...in one of them you can here the baby xD

Now for a picture i took with IBI after the panel at the authograph session. xD

Thanks to my new JE buddy, Kim!~

Also while at Akon. I participated in the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. It was a fun and interesting experience. Made some new friends, played awesome fun music and had a great time.

Pictures taken by Tegan (flute in SAO quartet)

I guess thats all for now, mina. It is a lil much anyway, ne? lol
tata~! Laila
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23 March 2010 @ 08:19 pm

Ok so yesterday i finally finished Tokyo Dogs. It was pretty goood. Although there were some things that i wanted to happen, but didn't. Thats like with a lot of things though. They go well but there could be something that would make it alll better. =)
But yeah... Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun make the bestest pair EVERRR!! They argue a lot, but it not like intense stressful arguements that make you nervous, they are like super cute and funny arguements that make no sense. HAHAHA =3

Oh and i forgot to say that i had finished Romes...a while back...like few weeks ago. And O.M.G.....TACCHON HOTNESS!!>!> Andandandand OHYAS!! Yasu such a cutie!!~!! I mean yeah there was some Ohyas interaction but not as much as i wanted there to be. And Tacchon spoke some english and it made me happy cause i love it when the hawt asians speak english...even if it does turn out to be super engrish, but tacchon's wasn't really. Not as bad as old Aiba engrish.

Now i think its time to start a new drama. I think i'm gonna get started on Autumn's Concerto, a taiwanese drama that was pretty darn popular and my friend reccomended it to me. So i'll know i'll start that for sure. There is also soooo many Jdramas that i've started and haven't finished, like Orthros no Inu( need to watch with Darling though), My Girl, ...Gokusen (s) -__-. And then the ones that i wanna watch that haven't started, there's one with Kame, Tegoshi, and Uchi that is this season...or the season just past...yeah winter. i think...but anyway. I wanna watch it. BUT i think i should see if Darling wants to watch it too. But its not like we will...we haven't watched a drama together in forever...its quite sad really. ='(

I watched the newest episode of CrtKtn yesterday, and ...it made me jealoussssss. ><
Junno and Jin went on double dates with these two models that one was half Japanese-American and like 20yrs, and the other was Japanese-Austrian and 18yrs. And Jin was all like " Gah the age difference, theres like a 7 year difference. how will we get passed that?" And Junno was like "We'll work on that." and i was like>:OOOOOOO
They drew for couples and Jin was paired with the older half american girl, and junno with the other. So they had to do like challenges and such or just go around with each other.  But JIN AND HIS GIRL HELD HANDS A LOT AND I GOT SO GRRRRRWRGOIJRfkj.
anywho... its just not fair. notttt fair. even though i say i like Junno more, i was more jealous cause of jin...hes just so hot. D:

the song im listening to now is one of my fav. newish KATTUN songs, its super slow, but its sooo pretty and sad sounding. idk i like it
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12 March 2010 @ 10:19 pm

Spring Break.
Its not very springy and not much of a break. Went by waaaaay too fast. -sigh-

Well at least i wasn't stuck in my house the whole time. I went to a friend's and stayed there with her and her new born kittens. =3
We also went to the theaters to see Alice in 3D. Pretty coool.
Then went to another friends like a day and a half later or something like that. Watched this good lil anime movie called Summer Wars. It was really quite interesting. About a guy that stay's at a girl's family house to "be" her boyfriend for her 90 year Grandma... and im not gonna say any more, just in case someone reads this (and i doubt anyone will) and they want to watch this (again possible doubt there)

Well anywho...i know theres something i should be doing. Like a certain English term paper. maybe. But i just dont feel like it. No work on spring break...what fun is that?

But you know what is fun?...ARASHI! <3
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20 February 2010 @ 12:49 am
Just got back from band Solo & Ensemble contest. My feet hurt from the heels. =[
BUT... I'm GOING TO STATE!!!! My sm. ensemble made a 1~! WOOO. Although, somehow i feel that the judges at this contest were waaaay easier or something. idk maybe everyone was just good this year. but yeah fun times come!

On another note though... my friends and i did what we always like doing. Asian hunts. We are such odd people you just won't get it, don't try. It's all because our town/school w/e has a complete lack of asians... we like when we get to see some. lol haa ^^; well anyway we were doing that and we had 4 picked out we kept watching. There was blue shirt guy, white shirt guy, purple vest guy, and black jacket guy. Yes we ALWAYS use what their wearing for their names...get over it. hm. so we were going along and all of a sudden i turn around and BAM! purple vest guy is PLAYING A FLUTE! i freak out and tell my friend and then we fangirl together. So all the rest of the contest i was like obsessed with this guy. HE WAS SO CUTE!!! I wanted to talk to him so bad. but alas, i's a coward when it comes to stuff like that. When we were waiting to go in the room to play for the judge, he was at the other end of the hallway. I was certain he kept looking down there at us (me lol) and i am perfectly fine in believing that he was. I told my friend that when we were done and if he was still in the hallway i would say something to him. But as we were coming out 1 we were excited about how we played 2 ... im pretty sure he saw me (us) coming and looked at me and went to the side of the hall to let us pass and kinda kept his head down and idk it felt like he had been looking at me/us too and 3 he was with more people insted of by himself. im such a freak.

So i never got to talk to him. BUT fricken a trumbone player named N.H. from our band talked to him and so did a certain flute player that is K.P. UGHHH i wanna keel sem imma so jealuz. but oh well. i just wish i could've found out his name and what school he was from. All the way home i listened to/ watched sad asian song videos, i guess cause i felt dumb for being not outgoing? or just not saying anything to him. -sad face- idk 
        Enough of my unneccessary ranting...for now 
                                                                       Until next time,
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15 January 2010 @ 05:35 pm
Im on another new laptop!!! It's a Dell Inspiron. and its RED. i LOVE RED! -sigh-


And awww my brother is going back to college after his Christmas winter break thing. =[

Let's seee....
CAN'T WAIT FOR AKON!! Im soooo excited. I applied for an Orchesta thats going to be there and practice and perform anime/game songs on that sunday. SOOO COOOL! xD
I can't to cosplay Hetalia and such and omg funnn. Cons are so exilerating...i think i spelled that wrong but oh well.

Currently Watching:
Take Care of the Young Lady
My Girl

                                                                                  ~Laila~ <3
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30 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Yes there are things to be excited about out of all this stress and mild depression type stuff.
I will list the exciting things first. In no particular order:

~ Akon is gonna be so much fun. Hopefully we can pull together this Hetalia cosplay.
~JBB sounds like fun and i love my dress that fits me well. Can't wait to eat at Chik-fil-a in a formal dress! XD And also i think Taylor got my a blind date type thing. I told her my mom really wants me to have a guy escort/date type thing, but that i didn't know who to ask and even if i did have someone i wouldn't ask because imma chicken. Then i suggested maybe Sam could bring a friend of his to be my date. And she asked him and he found someone. But he doesn't know for sure yet.
~ There's gonna be a drama adaptaion of the manga/anime " The Wallflower" which is directed by NABESHIN and i think Haruka helped write maybe. (the Japanese guests we met at Kamikazecon2) =] But what makes it soooo EXCITING is the fact that KAME, TEGOSHI, ANNDDDD UCHIIIII are in it! That makes me so darn happy!!! I wuv JE! And and Uchi is getting more things to do. Maybe Johnny will straighten up and put him back in his rightful place in the agency...with his BANDS!! >.<

~ And then there's the StuCo state convention that i signed-up for and payed a down payment on. It sounded like so much fun from Tay and Dokkun. I just hope i can get the rest of the money.

Now for the depressing parts which will be all in one paragraph because im lazy ranter...
First of all i feel like a horrible student because i procrastinate soo much. I mean, I really want to get it done its just the act of actually starting a project and following through. And i have mixed feelings about this whole English Book project things... wiat no i dont. I pretty much dont like it. The AP style anyway. We have to choose off of a list...i mean yeah those are excellent acredited books or whatever and i really liked the first one i did, but this one not so much. It took a long time to get into and it was too late to change. I'd rather just read on my own leisure time and with books i long to read. /Another thing is that it feels like everytime a get a crush or think I might develop a liking on someone, they go out and get a girlfriend. I guess its my fault for not expressing anything, but im not so much a blunt person. And then there's this whole thing where when im around someone i like i get at a loss for things to say, or stumble, or just not talk at all. I don't know why, i just get all fluttery and mesmerized or something... the last guy i really crushed big over...never really seemed to notice me. I mean yeah i had conversations with him sometimes and said hi everytime i saw him but, nothing happened. Then after he graduated it's like it got worse, but now he has a girlfriend so i've pretty much given up. I think i'll just wait til college for the whole dating thing. Hopefully i can find an asian guy. xDDD

My laptop was un-fixable. So i'm getting a completely wiped clean laptop back.
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